the girl who cut her hair

This past Sunday some stuff went down. In a good way. There was this girl who used to be in youth group with me visiting our church (she lives far away now). And guys, lemme tellll ya, God superrr used her to really speak to my heart, and we didn't even speak to each other [...]

look at me. but don’t.

I am a sloth. And I'm not talking about that cute lil animal up in the trees. Though, I wish I was. It seems lately that this word had been coming up over and over again in my life. Until now, I always misunderstood it. This word has shown up in my personality profiles, and more recently [...]

be vulnerable. but, let’s do it the right way.

The idea of being vulnerable to many signifies a weakness. Vulnerability usually refers to a person of questionable emotional stability, or a people group or empire being susceptible to an invasion of their homeland. This definition is what is commonly adopted in a culture that emphasizes total self-sufficiency as a virtue, yet in the past [...]

emotionless emotion.

The full range of human emotion can be a burden that at desperate or even hopeless points in life can become too heavy to carry. This burden causes an awakening to the paradoxical feeling of having no feeling at all. Apathy is like a cancer that starts off slow and then spreads aggressively, killing everything [...]

feelings, feelings, feelings…

A popular saying these days is a line talking about "being in your feelings". Meaning that you've just taken some time to soak in your feelings, usually ones of misery. We are a race that survives on our feelings, and it is such a dangerous thing to base your decisions and happiness on the feelings [...]

words have power.

Have you ever heard the saying, "your words have power"? This is a phrase that I've become very familiar with over the past year. If you read my past blog, titled "God's Peace", then you know that I've been working on a project about speaking kind words this past year in my school. You might [...]