about me

I am a twenty-two year old recently graduated college student with a major in theology and minor in psychology.

This gal loves to read, play video games, and seek adventures down roads canopied with trees. I am into anything Lord of the Rings, Anne of Green Gables, and Jane Austen.

I have a calling on my life to be a missionary. I don’t know what that means yet. I might plant a church. I might move to Africa. I might stay right where I am. I don’t really know. I am just in the passenger seat of this journey God is taking me on.

I love feeling like I’m on an adventure with God. Driving down roads, or exploring lakes on a boat, or walking barefoot in the Frio river, or climbing to the top of a mountain are the experiences that make me feel the closest to God. I feel like he’s sitting in the car next to me, jamming with me, basking in the beauty of the trees and hills, and sitting in the boat, taking in the skyline, and getting excited with me when I discover a goat on the side of a mountain, or a little ladybug, or a cool tree to climb, or a shady, trail down a dimly lighted path.

His presence is so near in those moments. That’s what the Christian walk is, it’s an adventure, and I just want to breathe in every moment of this life in anticipation of the greater life to come, when I can walk hand in hand with my Savior.


I have already met so many kind new friends through my writing over the years and I love making more! Share your thoughts, questions and whatever else you need to get off your chest. Also feel free to message me on instagram. I’m more likely to respond there.