the first boy I ever loved.

Today I want to tell a story that's long overdue. It's about the first time I told a boy I liked him and everything that came after. I walked through the rain, literally, to go and tell him. My heart was racing and I had never EVER before confessed any feelings of any sort to [...]

is purity even worth it?

This might be melodramatic. But this is the story of when protecting my purity no longer seemed worth it to me. When I was in high school, I liked this guy... I grew up pretty sheltered, so my experience with guys was zippo, nada, zilch. It also didn't help that I am a complete hopeless [...]

lock eyes with the culture

Our summer is quickly coming to a close, and a new season is coming. For me, it's my senior year. My very last year in high school. At first I was a little terrified. Who wouldn't be? This year signifies the ending of my childhood and the beginning of my journey as an independent adult. [...]