feelings, feelings, feelings…

A popular saying these days is a line talking about “being in your feelings”. Meaning that you’ve just taken some time to soak in your feelings, usually ones of misery. We are a race that survives on our feelings, and it is such a dangerous thing to base your decisions and happiness on the feelings of a mere moment.

I have always struggled with being a people pleaser. Not necessarily meaning that I kiss up to people, but meaning that I simply like to do the right thing, and help people out. This being said, I like to be noticed, appreciated, and complimented when I make an effort to make someone feel special. Who doesn’t, right? But I have to be careful because a lot of times, it’s how I get filled up. So when I go through times of feeling like I’m invisible and unnoticed, I am absolutely drained, because my feelings of being loved, and so on, are not being fulfilled.

Something I have been learning of late, is that living off of our feelings is an action that is often tied with our relationship with God. Let me clarify. I am one of those people that when I worship God or get prayer over something, I cry, because I am just so moved. I have attached crying to the idea that God is working in my life, so when I don’t cry, I feel as if nothing is happening. I have based my relationship with God on if I cry or not. How messed up is that??? I want to feel that God loves me. Why do I need to feel it? I should just know that God loves me, just by looking at the facts that he has placed before me in the Bible.

Don’t take this the wrong way. Feelings are a totally okay thing to have. God made us to have feelings. But like C.S. Lewis said, “Feelings come and go, and when they come a good use can be made of them: but they cannot be our regular spiritual diet.” That’s some wise words from one of the greatest theological writers of all time. Our spiritual diet should consist of God’s word.

We shouldn’t need to be recognized by other people to lift our spirits. We should invest our hearts in the promises that God has given to us. That He loves us. That we are fearfully and wonderfully made. That in heaven there will be no tears. Ironic, huh? No tears. YIKES. Better get out of my feelings. You too. 😉

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