relational over relatable.

Last night I stumbled across a blog post written by a girl filled with wisdom beyond her years. I was filled with conviction when she talked about our motives for sharing the gospel or for sharing what God has done in our lives. I am going to be real, there is an ongoing battle within [...]

friends are awesome. God is awesomer.

{Yes. "Awesomer" is a word.}                                            Right now I am basking in the light, joyous feeling that comes from sweet company. It is a feeling I have not experienced often in the last couple of months. It is not that I did not have enjoyable company, but my heart was too heavy to enjoy the moment [...]

“I’m Sorry”

-FORGIVING-                                             To forgive isn't cheap                                               It doesn't come free                                             It costs pride and face                                                     and memory                                              It's biding your time                                           and biting your tongue                                             and forgetting words                                                 carelessly slung                                                    Jesus forgave                                                   Ha paid in full                                               He'll show us how                                              and make us [...]