we are back!

Our summer in Canada has come to an end and we have just finished traveling across America back to our homes in Texas. Yes, I realize that we did not have many updates throughout the summer blog wise, but we did keep up on Facebook. This summer has just been so jam-packed with so many lessons and relationships that I found it so difficult to find the words to describe our experiences. The summer went slow but so fast at the same time. We’re just barely catching our breath now to be able to look back on the last two months and sit in awe and wonder at the glory of all that God has done in us and through us this summer.

As I’ve said in previous blogs it has been so evident that God most certainly called each of us to be in Canada this summer. It was no accident. We have all each trained under many mentors and worked with countless churches, and we can all say confidently that we have learned and grown more this summer than we have in any other experience we’ve had. We were able to see what an established church plant looks like, as well as a fairly new plant but slightly established church plant, and also see what the very beginning stages look like. So three different stages of church planting. What a blessing to be able to get an inside view of such a complex and difficult level of ministry. The advice we were given is indispensable and priceless wisdom.

We couldn’t be more thankful for the Arrington, Lynch, and Cooper family for the time they took to pour into our lives this summer. They have been through the trenches of ministry, and they are still marching onward. They recognize the deep need for Jesus’ name and love to be known to a lost and dying world. Their vision of what the church is meant to be lined up so beautifully with that of the early Christians in Acts. They live each day on mission, boldly declaring the love of Christ, whether that’s through directly sharing the gospel, or spending all day serving alongside the community. They display a true picture of what the church is meant to look like– loving, serving, and making disciples to send among the nations.

This is a summer that has impacted us all very deeply and we cannot thank you enough for supporting us all along the way!


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