a church planting experience

We have officially been in Canada for a little over a week! It has seriously been amazing! I am going to try my best to capture in words our experience so far, but I know they just won’t measure up. Already, we have all learned so much from the people here. They are all so, [...]

we made it!

We made it to Canada! We left from Wichita Falls, Texas on Sunday morning and made it to Pitt Meadows, Canada on Wednesday night at midnight. It has already been an amazing trip. We were blessed to be able to drive through some beautiful country on our way. We went through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, [...]


We have officially reached our goal of $24,300, plus more! God has surely blessed us greatly. This season of raising support, praying, and getting ready for this trip has been challenging, encouraging, and very humbling. As I have said before in previous posts, asking for financial support was something that was very daunting for all of [...]

friends are awesome. God is awesomer.

{Yes. "Awesomer" is a word.}                                            Right now I am basking in the light, joyous feeling that comes from sweet company. It is a feeling I have not experienced often in the last couple of months. It is not that I did not have enjoyable company, but my heart was too heavy to enjoy the moment [...]

finally going on a mission trip (!!!)

I remember clearly the day that I knew what God had called me to be. I was about four years old. I was driving across a bridge in Louisiana, staring at the clouds out the window, when I knew. I am called to be a missionary. The basic definition of "missionary", is someone who insistently [...]