we made it!

We made it to Canada! We left from Wichita Falls, Texas on Sunday morning and made it to Pitt Meadows, Canada on Wednesday night at midnight. It has already been an amazing trip. We were blessed to be able to drive through some beautiful country on our way. We went through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Washington, and wow, the mountains are breathtaking! It was amazing to be able to soak in the beauty of creation and be reminded of how awesome our God is. I got made fun of a bit for oohing and ahhing at every lake, river, tree, mountain, and animal we saw, but honestly, every part of creation should just fill you with so much life. It is beyond inspiring to look at what God has done, and know that the God who made the glorious mountains and the rushing rivers, is the same God who knows how many hairs are on my head, and cares for me deeply. That is just amazing. Absolutley amazing.

We haven’t seen much of Canada yet, but what we have seen is beaitiful. The weather is really nice, cloudy and a little rainy. We took today to settle into our duplex home and meet all of the staff of Church on the Rock. They are all really nice and we are thrilled to learn from them. They have all been immersed in every aspect of what it takes to plant a church, so we are sure that we will grow a lot through their experiences and wisdom. Please be praying for us as we are going to be working hard on creating realationships within the community and church congregation. We love everyone we have met so far, and are excited to meet more people.

We will be sure to keep updating y’all on what God is doing here in the community. We will also be posting a video soon from our travels this past week!


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